Criminal Justice FAQs

  1. What is the Criminal Justice Club?

    The Criminal Justice Club is designed specifically for students in the criminal justice curriculum. Members participate in field trips and attend lectures given by criminal justice practitioners. This club enables students to interact closely with the criminal justice faculty and community.


  2. Where can I find the club on campus?

    Meetings are announced via email and publication on the calendar of this site.


  3. Who is part of the Criminal Justice Club?

    Majority of the members of the CRJU Club are Criminal Justice majors. This does not mean that the club will not accept non-criminal justice majors. We encourage other majors in joining the club and provide more diversity to the club.


  4. How do I join?

    If you are interested in joining, all you have to do is attend one of our meetings and introduce yourself to the officers and pay $5.00 for membership fees. For as little as $5.00 you can do so much more than if you hadn't joined. So anyone interested please come to our meetings and become part of the club

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